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Bound To O – Bby9irl 10 – $5  NEW!


A good old-fashioned bondage and forced O movie with the ever-cute Bby9irl.  She’s tied down, oiled up good, and played with.  Lots of nip play to make her squirm, and an air-puff toy gets used on her to good effect.  She does a choking scene at the end but not much of one, so it’s discounted.  Still a very entertaining bondage flick though!

Posted 3-3-21

Ankle-Spread Hanging – Bby9irl 08 – $20


Bby9irl gets oiled up and hung again, this time with her ankles tied and spread just to make it more interesting.  Good times!

Posted 11-16-2020

Chloroquine Denied – Honey 17 – $10


Honey is back, for real this time, and together we’re reaching for new heights in tastelessness!

She sneaks into Visegrip’s trailer park lair, wearing her mask as ordered by the governor, and gets caught snooping around.  Visegrip is pleasantly surprised that she’s not dead and now he gets to make another movie killing her again.  But when he makes his move she pulls out “social distancing”.  Visegrip persuades her she needs to do what he did, just get infected and recovered and not have to worry about it any longer, but it doesn’t go as planned.  She gets really sick, so Visegrip puts her on his bed, strips her and ties her hands.  Then he dangles hydroxychloroquine on a string and offers it to her…. if she can grab it before the virus takes her life too!

Posted 7-20-20

Tiptoe Hanging – Honey_15 – $10


Honey’s last and final movie.  After complaining at length about the number of movies she’s been forced to suffer through, she demands that Visegrip just hang her again and get it overwith.  But this time, cruelty takes precedence.  So after she’s noosed up atop the bucket and well-oiled, she’s pulled up onto her toes and left to slowly suffer and die!  She had a far longer career here than anyone before her, but it’s time for a proper farewell and sendoff, she’ll be missed.

World’s Creepiest Van – Honey_13 – $20


A Hangette Honey Double Feature!  Honey is dragged unconscious into the back of Visegrip’s van, wearing a breath mask that’s keeping her chloroformed out.  She’s thrown on the bed, stripped and handcuffed, then the mask is removed so she can awaken.  She awakes in panic and starts a stream of vile cursing at her captor like she always does, as she’s trussed up for her first torment.

First she’s stranglehung in the van.  The stranglehanging system has been improved greatly, now a waist strap is used to pull her whole body off the bed for a nice frontal view as she kicks and fights with her boobs hanging down and shaking.  And while it might not look that rough, she is in fact really strangling as she hangs there, which you can plainly hear when she’s lifted to catch a breath.

But that’s not the end of her.  When she’s passed out and headed out, she’s let down, and dragged out the back of the van for something new.  The insidious Visegrip has built a hanging gibbet that attaches to the trailer hitch on his van.  Now he can hang his victims anywhere!  And poor Honey is the first to die on it.  She’s hung for real, with her hands chained to the back of the padded collar to take just enough weight off so as not to crush her throat, but really strangling as she dangles, this time to the end.

Two strangulation scenes for the price of one.  And as yet another bonus, this was filmed on a freezing cold day, so there’s a compilation at the end of Honey freezing and shivering her naked ass off while tied up outside in between takes!

Realhung By The Fire With Care – Honey_11 – $20


Get ready for the most amazing realhanging visuals you’ve ever seen!

First the killer approaches, filming his deed on his own phone.  Next to the bonfire, poor Honey is tied and noosed, naked and oiled atop a stool, pleading for her life.  But the killer puts his boot against the stool, shakes it beneath her, then kicks it out without mercy.  Her shiny body twists and fights its losing battle in the firelight.  She’s filmed from five angles, including silhouetted against the fire.  The whole hanging is then repeated in slow motion, and also followed by a sequence of just that incredible silhouette view with the bonfire as the backdrop..

I’m going to stick my neck out just a little tiny bit and call this the hottest real hanging movie currently in existence.  And if you’re trying to figure out which of these movies is the best one I’ll make it easy for you, this is it!

Hang Me Home To Jesus – Honey_12 – $10



I’m gonna level, this movie isn’t my best work, hence the discount.  Some of the camera angles are off, and one camera wouldn’t focus well enough.  So, I’m throwing this up as a sacrificial movie.

But it has a lot of shots that did turn out great and would still be a good deal at $15.  It starts with Honey asking when she gets to go home after doing so many movies for her captor, and Visegrip helping her to work out that issue with Jesus.  Then she’s lifted and her collar connected straight to the bar on the weight rack for real hanging action!  The close-up camera gets good views of her face straining for air, and it was filmed vertical and left sideways for the closest view with the most body showing.  And after it’s over she’s laid out on the bench for some nice slow pans of her oiled body.  Still good stuff, and it’s a Honey movie so you’re guaranteed your money’s worth!

Honey’s Abduction Van Ride – Honey_16 – $8


Honey writes: In this movie my constant tormentor Visegrip tricks me into letting him tie me up in his van. I’m gagged and stretched out hard in the old spread-eagle position, expecting to get properly used and set free. But then he breaks the news that he’s decided to keep me. And his hideout lair is a nice long drive away, so he leaves the cameras on me for the whole trip! I’m trapped there for an uncut thirty minute drive as the van bounces and swerves and the mean driver up front yells back that he’s about to crash into things. I do a lot of screaming and thrashing, but it’s hard to scream through that gag and really hard to thrash when you’re stretched like that…. And where the hell is he taking me anyhow? I wanna go home!

Hang Me For Your Own Fun! – Honey_10 – $20


Having a hot model who is indebted to you has its perks. Honey has literally been trying to make me her full time career, so for all the work she’s been getting she offered to let me hang her for my own fun. Her mistake! I made the most out of it and didn’t waste the chance to get a movie. She’s noosed up and oiled down very thoroughly. I torture hang her, letting her get a quick gasp now and then. I make her support herself to get air by wrapping her legs around me, and the POV camera gets some good close shots of her face straining for air. Then I just let her hang till she’s out. The movie has a compilation at the end of just the free-hanging shots too.  Plus an outtake of the most uncomfortable probing questions I’ve ever gotten from a model!

Real Spinning Hangette! – Honey_08 – $20


One of Hangette Honey’s best movies!  She hangs by her neck with a padded collar, and this time with a literal twist.  I twist the rope holding her up before releasing her, giving her some fairly spectacular spinning action!  That’s not all in this movie, I also spend some time torturing her, by lifting her for a breath and then letting her hang again, over and over, and occasionally whipping her while she’s hanging and can’t scream.  Finally I let her hang to the finish.  When I lift her down her head flops like a rag doll, and she’s not acting, she’s out cold.

Your prayers have been answered, Hangette Honey is the new standard in naked noosedancing movies!

Hung To The Rafter – Honey_07 – $15


Something I’ve always wanted to try is hanging without a rope to swing by, just the padded collar connected straight to the rafter.  No room for twisting or even attempting to get a foothold anywhere, just fixed solid hanging by the neck from that one solid spot!

First Honey is connected to the rafter while atop the stool, and the height is perfect.  She’s stretched right up on the tips of her toes.  She’s oiled up in that position and then the stool is taken out for real hanging and strangling action!

Tough Enough To Hang – Honey_06 – $20


Honey has foolishly agreed to be hired to do a hanging movie for Visegrip.  As he’s prepping her for the scene, she says she thinks this whole thing is gay.  What follows is a really deep (and unscripted!) conversation about what constitutes “gay”.

Visegrip rigs her up with a padded collar around her neck, rope going over a pulley and down to a lifting strap under her arms, so that only half her weight will be on her neck so she can last and fight longer, but she’s still really hanging and strangling.

Honey asks if she’s really going to be hung here, and Visegrip tells her no, real hanging isn’t for every girl.  His ex could do it, but she wasn’t like Honey at all, she was tough.  Honey takes this as a major affront to her toughness, but is she actually tough enough to do this?  And if she does, will she live through it?

Be sure to catch the post-credit scene of Honey’s impromptu booty-dance too!

Stranglehung In A Creepy Van – Honey_05 – $12


What do you do if you need to hang a girl but you’re stuck inside your van? Get inventive, and who better to do that than old Visegrip? Honey is tied, stripped, oiled, and strangled by hand before moving on to the main event. She’s flipped over face down, and the padded collar is pulled up until she’s off the bed and strangling. Her tits shake back and forth as she fights. Then she’s let down for a few breaks, before being hoisted up again and left to die. Real strangling and real pass-out at the end!

You Killed Me! – Honey_04 – $20


The sadistic killer drags Honey out of his van to be hung to death in his backyard.  He’s making it extra torturous by tying one end of the rope around her neck, putting it over a pulley, and tying the other end around her waist so only half her weight is on her neck and she strangles a good long time, and she ain’t happy about it.  Her full weight isn’t on her neck but she’s really hanging and really strangling while she’s off the ground.

But who is the real killer here?  Is it me, the creep who’s wrapping the rope around her neck?  Or is it you, who’s buying the video of me doing it?  There’s a pretty strong case to be made that I’m only killing this poor girl at your behest, isn’t there?

In this video Honey aims her famously foul mouth and choice wording at the real cause of her untimely demise, and that’s you.  You’re going to get and eyeful and an earful!

The end of the video has an “abbreviated” hanging with the plot cut out.

Hung Before The Setting Sun – Honey_03 – $20


Honey just got abducted out of a theater and taken to Visegrip’s trailer park lair to be put to death, but she’s bouncing with excitement.  Why?  She just saw the trailer for the new Jigsaw movie.  Not ok!  Now she’s in for something special.

Her naked body is heavily slathered in oil, and she’s hanged with the sun right behind her as it sets, putting a bright glow all around here.  The effect of the magic-hour lighting is amazing, this is the most colorful hanging I’ve ever filmed, and Honey puts in a performance to do it justice.  After she’s dead she’s laid out on the table for some nice viewing and playing with.  Don’t miss this one!

Honey’s Epic Strangle Movie! – Honey_02 – $10


From the girl who’s been hanging for us, this was just a great performance!  Honey is dragged fighting into the villain’s room and thrown on the bed.  She’s strangled out and stripped of her shirt and sports bra.  Then she wakes, and the villain attaches a collar to the ceiling and pulls her onto her toes to fight while he finishes stripping her.  When her mouthiness and insults become too irritating he throws her onto the bed and attaches the collar up above.  She starts to scream so he gags her with the Visegrip gag, the only gag that lets nothing get by!  Then he attaches ankle and thigh straps and stretches her fine body into a highly rapeable position.  As she fights he oils her body up good, giving lots of attention to her nips.  Then it’s time to start pulling the collar tight until she can’t breathe.  From there it\\\’s a show of torture, breaks, strangulation and thrashing against the bonds all the way until the end.

Tiptoe Hanging Turns Real Hanging – Honey_01 – $20


Buy now and thank me later, there’s a new hangette on the scene!  Honey was shooting a “tiptoe hanging” movie with me when, without me even asking her to, she started lifting her feet off the bucket!  I was QUITE pleasantly surprised, and with a small amount of persuasion and extra cash she agreed to do the resto of the movie like that!  So yes, this hanging is not fake.  Several short suspension periods are strung together into a continuous scene with the breaks cut out.  Watch for more of her, she’s hooked on this now and has already filmed more hangings with me.  And with her cuteness level it’s hard to decide between making her your cuddle toy or putting her to death, but who says you can’t have both?

Honey Returns! – Bby9irl 06 – $20


Honey is back to join in this Bby9irl hanging!  Well, not like you remember her though.  She retired from the genre couple years back, and when you retire from the snuff genre, that’s when things start to…. decompose.

But she sits to the side while Bby9irl is put through new torments.  She tries to get out of this hanging by offering to be Visegrip’s babygirl.  Unfortunately while Visegrip might be an old pervert, even he has his limits where age difference is concerned!

So while she’s noosed up on the bucket and trapped, Visegrip pulls out an electric vibrating wand and uses it on her.  Soon as she gets happy, she can die happy, so Visegrip kicks the bucket out from under her and lets her hang.

Her legs are strapped together tight, giving her more bonds to flex and fight against, as she squirms to get free in vain.  She does a lot of hard gasping through the collar she hangs from.  Visegrip lifts her for a couple last breaths, then lets her dangle till she’s gone.  After that she’s laid out on the bench for some nice views of her luscious oiled body.

Posted 5-29-20

An Arrow For Catie – Catie 04 – $10 


Catie Valentine becomes first here to face death by arrow.  She’s dragged atop the picnic table and noosed up naked, then pulled up on her toes for some tiptoe struggling.  Her body is roughly oiled up.  Then the villain Visegrip brings out a bow and arrow.  He fires three arrows into the tree right in front of her.  Then he plants the last arrow right in her chest.  She yelps in pain, then struggles to stay on her feet as she slowly bleeds out and collapses, killed by both the arrow and the noose.

I shot this way back in 2015 and just got around to finishing it.  Features full nudity, bondage, nooseplay, rough manhandling, death by arrow, and the worst cgi you’ve ever seen!

Posted 5-15-20

Malita: Battle Victim 4 – Battle On The Sheets – $10


The cyborg warrior princess Malita lies on the bed, deactivated, as the villain Visegrip pushes a remote button to awaken her.  He explains that he’s turned her power down so she can’t kick him around anymore, but turns out he searched up some bad instructions….  So after another beating he gets her under control again, ties her hands and strips her naked.  Then he spends a good long time just wrangling her around on the bed, sometimes choking, spanking, or making her squeal.  Then at the end she’s choked back into deactivation for storage again.

This movie was pretty much my excuse to spend some time fighting and playing with her on the bed, and boy was it time well spent!

Posted 4-26-20

Hang The Developer – Erica 01 – $20


Ever known a hot office chick you wished you could tear the clothes off of and hang?  Here’s where Visegrip lives the dream!

Visegrip has had a great enterprise murdering people in his backyard for years, but now it’s getting ruined by development.  All the trees are gone, soon to be replaced by townhouses, so how the hell are you supposed to kill people with that going on?

Visegrip demands to speak to a company rep about this and they send over Erica.  Visegrip tries to explain how his long-established right to use his property to murder people is being interfered with by their usage plans for theirs, but she’s just not seeing reason.  So he leads her off to the hanging shed to explain the filmmaking difference between beautiful outdoor settings and the inside of a desolate shed.  When she still can’t grasp the problem, Visegrip has no choice but to demonstrate exactly what it’s like to be killed in such a setting when there’s nice outdoor scenery right outside she could be seeing in her last moments of life.

Then she’s stripped, oiled up and hung for real, with her hands attached to the noose behind her to take some of the weight off her neck and drag it out a good long wild kicking time.  Thanks for trying to help Miss Erica, but you’ll just have to make up for the losses you’re causing by contributing a movie!

Posted 11-27-19

Hang The Thing In The Box – Bby9irl 03 – $20


Visegrip has a box.  But not like everybody else’s cheap-ass cardboard box, his box has wheels, a pull handle for easy transport, and hard polymer shell.  It was like sixty bucks at Home Depot.

Inside the box he keeps Malita, the cyborg warrior princess who dared tread in Visegrip’s backyard and now remains as his prisoner, her strength turned down to manageable and her very consciousness subject to the whim of Visegrip’s on/off remote.  She’s his to play with when he wants, or to store away when he has important shit to do and doesn’t want to listen to her whining.

On this evening he brings her out in the work shed where the noose dangles.  Since she doesn’t die from being hung, Visegrip can bring her out and reactivate her to hang again and again, and that’s what he does with her tonight!  She kicks and fights the night away until she’s gone again, deactivated and ready to be stored away for next time.

Also check out the movie “Hangings Gone Wrong” on Bby9irl’s model page on the left, where you can see the moments when the hanging went wrong and she needed a rapid rescue.

Posted 11-8-19

Nitrogen – Erica 02 – $15


Beautiful redhead Erica is led to Visegrip’s room to be used for scientific asphyxiation experiments.  A plastic bag is filled with gas from a bottle and secured over her head, and it’s full of Nitrogen!  The real deal, not faked. (Well except for the end where she dies, we faked that…)  She’s knocked out and her body gasps and spasms as her dress is pulled off.  Again she’s gassed out and she’s tied to the bed.  Then she’s used for an experiment I’ve wanted to try since testing it on myself.  When you wake up from this you feel light and fluttery and twitchy, which led me to wonder if stimulating a girl as she awakes from this would cause an explosive orgasm.  Not giving it away, get the movie to see for yourself how it worked!  The last 7 minutes is a compilation of the best shots of her being gassed out.

WARNING: Don’t try this at home.  See the Asphyx Warning page for further details.  And see Erica’s Model Page for more info about her and her first hanging snippet.

Posted 10-11-19

Malita: Battle Victim Pt. 2: Malita Hanged – $20


The thrilling second half to Malita: Battle Victim.  Having been captured and thoroughly tortured by the villain Visegrip, she’s dragged out of the van and up onto the table where the rope swings above.  It’s attached to her neck collar, then she’s given a fresh coat of oil, and the table is pulled out for REAL HANGING action.  Her wrist cuffs are attached to the collar to mitigate the weight some, but left there she’d be a goner.

This movie was a case where a bunch of things went wrong and it worked out wonderfully.  The hanging method we tried at first was too rough for her.  So while we got that solved, we lost the daylight.  Then I couldn’t find my floodlight.  So I said the hell with it, we’ll use my bright LED flashlight for lighting.  Wait till you see what that looks like in the movie.  Think “Sin City”, if you’ve ever wanted to see a hot girl hanged in that sort of cinema, that’s what this looks like, and Bby9irl is the kind of girl who belongs in a movie like that.  This is the latest and greatest, so don’t miss it!

Posted 9-21-19

Malita: Battle Victim Pt. 1 – $15


Say hello to newcomer Bby_9irl!  So beautiful she looks like an anime doll, so I had to make a movie around that.

The movie begins in the backyard of Visegrip, as he prepares for…. something. Across his yard the gate opens, and in walks Malita, passing through on her quest.  But she’s doing it on Visegrip’s property so that ain’t gonna fly….  She starts to tough-talk Visegrip, and the villain is happy to take her up, but regrettably for him she’s a cyborg warrior and not so easy to subdue.  But with a little treachery she’s soon unconscious, and trussed up in an incredibly compromising position.  There’s she’s put through the works.  Body oiled, amazing boobs laser tortured, and then whipped with the real leather flog that really hurts. (Can never seem to find the fake whip when I need to, why is that?)

At the end of it she’s stranglehung, a little differently than previously done.  A great fight with lots of gasping and thrashing ensues, and she finally succumbs.  But it’s not over yet, this is only part one.  At the end is a brief glimpse of what happens in part 2, when she’s hung!  This movie has everything you want plus a storyline so compelling you won’t be able to believe we made it up as we went.

Bby_9irl is a real find, only 19, a true thing of beauty, and really into twisted shit like this.  Show her your love by getting her movies and I can afford to keep bringing her back!

Posted 9-15-19

Strangling Hookers – Season 1 Episode 1 – Mia Paige – $15


Backpage is gone forever, and with it, a relatively safe place for a hooker to ply her trade. Not to mention my place to post ads for models. So what’s a psycho to do? Go where the girls are who also got kicked off of there, which is out on the streets!

After trolling the streets of Seattle and looking at the selection for a while, Visegrip picks up redhead cutie Mia Paige. It’s a pretty strange offer but she’s down to try a video shoot. Visegrip wants to start with a quick clip of her with a bag over her head, and she never even questions when he fills the bag out of a gas bottle. Soon after putting it on, her eyes roll back and she’s gasping and flopping like a fish for real!

She awakens naked and being tied up. Upon being securely bound, she’s oiled up and then forced to come. Then the collar is pulled tight for real choking. She can still get a little air, but only enough to drag her strangulation out for a good long time, as she thrashes and fights her last losing battle.

“Strangling Hookers” is going to be a series that will hopefully take us to a lot of different cities. These poor girls used to have a somewhat safer business online, but now in their rabid zeal to get traffickers, the government has put them all back on the streets where they’re easy prey for old-school creepy guys like me. The glory days are back again, thank you FBI!

Strangulative Rack Torture – Yvette_03 – $10


Yvette’s final movie.  She’s bound to the rack naked and oiled up good.  Then she’s gagged.  Then the villain Visegrip stands behind her and works over her boobs and booty until she squeals in her last moment of joy.  Visegrip pulls the rope attached to the collar up until it’s too high for her to hold herself up.  She fights like mad for a good long time but the noose finally wins.

Don’t miss this movie, I don’t know when or if I’ll find another model with a body like this!

Rough Nooseplay – Yvette_02 – $10


Best rough nooseplay video to date!  Super-hot Yvette is standing naked outside Visegrip’s trailer park lair, tied up naked, gagged and blindfolded.  She’s oiled up good and then the blindfold is removed.  She sees the waiting noose and FREAKS.  Visegrip takes his time inching her toward the noose as she fights, kicks and makes muffled screams.

After he gets the noose on her he drags her up onto the picnic table.  There he pulls up the rope for some tiptoe hanging action.  Then he pulls the table back to where she’s teetering on the edge and leaves her there for a while, shaking her tits back and forth as she pulls away.  Then it’s time for the main event.

Visegrip pulls her off the table to play with her, frequently with nothing preventing her from hanging but a single hand.  He lowers her to choke, then raises her for air.  Then he uses one hand to work her booty and the other her hot boobs, forcing her to an O.

Then he lowers her for the final time.

Rapey Vibes – Yvette_01 – $20


Introducing the positively statuesque 19-year-old Yvette!

Is there anything in the world more irritating than a model with rapey-vibes?  Visegrip is attempting to make his movies without murdering anyone, but models never run out of things to get paranoid about.  First it’s the fact she’s naked, then she’s upset about getting oiled, and then the last straw is the fact she’ll be hung until unconsciousness.  Every stage of the shoot is proof to her that she’s going to get raped while she’s out.  I mean what the hell, woman?  Every bit of this was in the fricking ad you answered!  Well she does have a right to consider herself a prime target, because with a booty to die for and real boobs so firm they don’t even bounce, she is hot by every measure.  Especially when she’s oiled and thrashing in the air.  Visegrip is trying to go straight and not kill anyone, but pissing off your hangman and getting him distracted is NOT the way to help him out with that!

Features a very long hanging scene shot from five angles, midair manhandling, and a nice long view of her laid out on the table.  Best video yet!

Mentally Forced O And Strangle – Catie_05 – $8


Hot little Catie has been captured by a hypnotist.  She wants to leave his home but he puts her under his spell.  He makes her strip and oil herself up good.  Then he tells her she’s horny, oh so horny.  The arousal builds in her until she begins to orgasm, screaming at the top of her lungs, thrashing and rolling back and forth in the most entertaining fashion you’ve probably seen, until she’s entirely satiated.

Then the captor hands her a scarf.  He tells her to put it around her neck and pull tighter and tighter.  She has no power to resist, and she thrashes, chokes and dies, all at her own hands.  Ohhh, what to do with her now….

Really Rough Nooseplay – Catie_03 – $10


This movie got a little more strangulative than intended.  First Catie was forced up onto the bucket for some tiptoe hanging action, wearing the padded collar and her hands cuffed to the collar behind her.  Then came time for the rough nooseplay action.  She was lifted by one hand, right by her booty.  The bucket was pushed aside and all that held her up was my one hand, and the collar.  I figured having her hands connected to the collar would allow her to keep the pressure off her neck, but that didn’t work out so well.  With no way to balance herself, the pressure on her neck was too much and she started gasping for air and panicking.  After I caught on I gave her a break and we finished the video off with her dangling and going limp in my hands.  But oh that look of panic, and that gasping sound… As God is my witness I thought she was acting!

Rack Strangle – Catie_02 – $8


Catie puts on a great show in this one.  She’s suspended by her arms on the rack.  Then her legs are pulled up high and wide, leaving her so vulnerable that anyone could just walk up and stick it to her.  Then her body is oiled up, with a lot of attention given to her boobs.

Then, regrettably, it’s time for her to die.  The villain pulls the rope attached to the neck collar up higher and higher.  Finally it’s high enough that she has to fight to keep pulling herself up to catch some air.

She puts up a great fight, but it’s a fight she’s destined to lose.

Agreement To Hang – Catie_01 – $20


Meet newcomer Catie Valentine!

Agreements are a tricky thing.  Unfortunate 19-year-old uberhottie Catie agreed to let Visegrip tie her up in his van, and that’s all she agreed to.  Or is it?  I mean, when you agree to be voluntarily tied up, are you not agreeing that things might happen you didn’t entirely plan on?  And where does that gray area end?  Surely not…. HANGING???  That’s the question that is explored in “Agreement To Hang”.

Filmed from numerous views, including the never-before-seen directly underneath camera, there’s a whole lot of hang time here.  And Selena Skyy is bumped to number two, this is now the hottest hanging movie you’ve ever seen!

Sudden Unconsciousness Uncensored – Tallen Rein_03 – $10


This video shows an incident that took place during a shoot, in which the model completely lost consciousness after having the pressure on her neck REMOVED.  This is the original NSFW version of the video on the “Asphyx Danger” page on this site.

By very popular demand, this is the uncensored version of that video.  While I never got a good ending to that movie, I completed it as best I could, with the critical scene uncensored and shown from three angles.  First you’ll hear her say the collar is too high.  The instant it’s released, she’s completely gone.  She has to be lifted like a rag doll to be brought back.  You can watch this knowing that this is how hundreds of people really die every year while playing with nooses.

And before that happens, she also spends a good amount of time on the rack being oiled, choked and whipped.  It also ends with some nice long body pans.  After the movie is the complete warning video, detailing exactly how this happens, also uncensored.

Rough Nooseplay – Tallen Rein_02 – $10


Ever wanted to have your own girl in a noose to play with, who has nothing to stop her from swinging by her neck but your own groping hands?  Whom you can left and lower at will, to let her either choke or breathe, solely at your whim?  Who will surely hang if she does anything stupid at all to make you drop her  Well I got me one and here’s the video.  God how I love Backpage models!

Don’t Text And Hang – Tallen Rein_01 – $20


Visegrip’s murdering days are over.  He’s been busted and now he’s on probation, but he still has to make a living…  So he’s hired the tight-bodied little Tallen Rein to help him make a hanging movie, of course without killing her.  He’s going to let her hang for thirty seconds at a time until he’s got enough footage for a video, while making extra sure not to get distracted.

But in the middle of the shoot, who should start texting him but Jigsaw!  The same motherfucker who years before, stole his idea and went Hollywood with it while Visegrip got stuck with a podunk little website that makes him five hundred bucks in a really good month, and now he’s choosing this moment to drop taunts on him.  Well this shit is not going to go unanswered…. even if the timing is really bad for poor Tallen!

This movie contains a lot of great slow-motion 120fps GoPro footage that was too good to trim, so you’re getting a lot of hang time for the money, and with a pert model.  You’ll also see her carried to the picnic table and carefully laid out, before Visegrip has to call his probation officer to try to explain this… Goddamn that Jigsaw anyhow!

Wash Her, Then Bring Her To Me! – Jada_02 – $8


Unlucky Jada is about to be tiptoe hung to death.  So she’s attached to the punching bag stand and pulled up by her collar onto her toes.  But she’s all oily from her prior abuse, so Visegrip needs to give her a good washing, carwash style.  While she squirms in her noose, she’s hosed off, scrubbed down in suds and hosed off again in a nice gropey fashion.  With that done she can be pulled up higher and left to die.  What fun!

Amazon Burned, Tortured And Hung – Jada_01 – $10


What a find.  This chick is six foot tall with a knockout body.  The true body of an amazon, but the heart of a lion… the sort of lion you might find in Oz that is.  Complete scairdy-cat.  She didn’t have fun, she won’t be back, and at the end of this shoot she outright fled, so this shoot is your only chance to see her.  On the upshot, there’s some good moments of panic in here.  And it’s not like I didn’t tell her to look at my site and see what the hell she was getting into…

After putting his last previous victim on the rack, Visegrip made some improvements to it, so his victims are stretched higher and wider.  Good thing considering how tall this victim is…  He suspends her on the rack, and pulls the rope connected to the collar until she’s just able to hold herself high enough to breathe.  (For real.)  Then he oils her up and gives her a nice long boob and nip workover, which she REALLY doesn’t like!  It’s her last day on Earth, so why not?  When she’s distracted by that it gets hard to hold herself high enough to breathe though, giving us some nice real choking sounds.

Then the whip comes out.  Unfortunately for her the villain misplaced his toy whip and had to use his real one made of leather shoelaces.  It HURTS.  Then comes the laser, the real blue burning one.  She has to thrash her tits back and forth continuously to keep from being burned, and it still hurts enough to make her cry in panic.  After doing that with both her front and back facing the camera, it’s time to get this overwith, so he lifts her up higher and pulls the rope tight.  Now she’s hanging, in a torturous fashion, on the rack.  Able to catch a breath here and there, but ultimately doomed.  After her struggle ends, Visegrip walks around her getting some nice close-up views of her stare and every other part of her.  The whole thing is captured from three views, including above.

Another life senselessy wasted.  But another cool movie for the killer to post on the web!

GoPro Cougar Hanging – Dea_02 – $15


The masked psycho has the cougar Dea noosed in his workshed, with a handy cable crank on the wall to slowly pull her up.  He strips her and them cranks the rope tighter until she’s forced to step up onto the bucket.  Then he oils her up good and kicks the bucket out.

This time the killer has one of the three cameras strapped to his head for a great first-person view of her demise.  See his hands grab and toy with her like they were your own.  Then he moves back and all around her for shots that make it look like you were killing her yourself.

She might be a little older, but she’s not ready to die by a longshot.  She kicks and fights to the bitter end… but the end does come!

Cougar Hanged By Slave – Dea_01 – $15


Dea, the cougar mistress, has been persuaded by her younger slave to step up onto a stool and into a noose.  He just wants to show her how to properly dominate him, he says!  Well, anytime somebody wants you to step into a noose for your own good, you should start hearing alarm bells.  His demeanor soon changes to one of dissatisfaction with their relationship.  He whips her, strips her, oils her, and then kicks the stool from under her!

Loads of wild kicking from this one, and a beautiful swinging death.  This older lady had some spunk left!

Angelica’s Hanging Plaything – Angelica/Harlequin – $20


Visegrip is preparing to string up his latest acquisition, Harlequin, as his pretty prisoner Angelica watches. Harlequin tries to get out of it with a schoolgirl act but ViseGrip isn’t buying it. Then she tries to bribe him with her dad’s money, and when that starts looking like it might work, Angelica can stand it no longer.

She gets up and wriggles out of the cuffs. Then, much to Visegrip’s chagrin, she takes over the execution and shoves him out of the frame! ViseGrip decides to give her this one chance, and Angelica handles it like a pro. She oils up Harlequin and then has Visegrip pull her aloft. While the new victim kicks and fights for air, Angelica plays and toys with her for her own amusement.

Visegrip isn’t about to be totally left out though. He grabs a garden hose and soaks them both, right in the middle of the action! Then when Harlequin dies, Angelica plays with her some more as she hangs there dead.

The nerve of it all though… having your victim taken away…and by another one of your victims to boot! Did Jigsaw ever have to put up with this?

Battle Asphyxia – Angelica/Harlequin – $20


The battle shown in this video is REAL!

Visegrip has a new young abductee in the house by the name of Harlequin.  Unfortunately that means someone has to go, and well, Angelica’s sales aren’t what they used to be…  But a position in this stable isn’t granted for free, so when the girls argue over who should be allowed to live because they like asphyxia more, Vise-Grip proposes a contest.

They’re tied back to back, with a rope going from one collar over a pulley to the other collar.  The rope is then tightened until they’re both pulled up onto their toes.  From there, it’s anything goes, and the winner will be the one who really likes asphyxia the most.

The loser will be tied to the bed, to be used, and strangled to death at the hands of the winner.  Good luck girls!

Strangled In A Creepy Van – April May_01 – $12


April May is the special sort of dream girl who both loves real asphyxiation and is desperate for cash.  When I posted an ad on a trip through Nevada for a girl to get tied up and strangled in a van, I was shocked to get a reply, but here she is!  the rope-ratchet is one of the greatest strangulation devices you can find at Home Depot.  It pulls the rope attached to the collar to the perfect tightness and holds it there, strangling while you watch.  We gradually went longer and longer, and after a 30 second choking period it gets pretty real.  When I snapped it loose she gasped and heaved in near-panic.  But she held up and went on to do the death scene, all the while still really choking.  April gave a lot to make this movie good, so please show her your appreciation!

Hang, Farmgirl, Hang – Lynnette_01 – $20


This country cutie from Nebraska got caught in the wrong city.  But one thing about farm life is that you grow up strong, and even though this girl grew up with a few issues, she can kick like absolute hell.  To think that all that youthful vitality has to be wasted putting on a show for us…

The villain Visegrip isn’t even happy with that.  Just as she’s about to expire, he has to grope and play with her in midair as she hangs, and then lift her so she can catch her breath and then fight the battle with strangulation all over again.  Between the top, bottom, and straight-on views there’s over ten minutes of solid hanging action.

Contains suspension hanging, full nudity, midair fondling, and lots of robust kicking.

Choked With Weights – AngelicaDemonica_05 – $6


AngelicaDemonica is being kept in storage out back. Hung upside down from the old hanging tree. She’s brought in and taken to the weight rack for some more fun. This time a rope goes from her collar, over the pullup bar, and down to a metal hook. And Visegrip is there to gradually stack more weights on the hook.

With twenty-five pounds of weight pulling on her throat, breathing is not easy. Her hands are NOT tied to the collar, so there’s no way to mitigate it either. It might not sound like much weight, but I let her do it to me and I could only go up to 35 pounds myself. She was given a small object to drop when it became too much, and she had to do that often. I left those part in to show how real it got!

Tiptoe Hanging – AngelicaDemonica_04 – $10


Hanging at its most torturous. AngelicaDemonica is standing atop a wobbly bucket. Her hands are chained to her neck behind her. And she’s pulled by her neck high up onto her tiptoes. If she tires and slumps down, she can’t breathe. And she’s not faking it either, nor is she getting any breaks during filming.

Hear her say at 5:36, “want… down…” in a whimper so soft that only the camera right above her even picked it up.  She told us later on that she’s one of those twisted girls we all dream about who gets off on strangulation.  Well here at Longstaff, we will be only too happy to oblige her at every opportunity!

Tied Choking Herself – AngelicaDemonica_03 – $6


AngelicaDemonica likes asphyx, so that’s going to be her bread and butter.  Her hands are chained to the neck collar, and tightly.  Her legs are untied, for the greatest amount of kicking, rolling, and flailing action.

It takes quite a while of fighting, but she finally succumbs!

The Laser Burns Me – AngelicaDemonica_02 – $10


What a position to be trapped in!  AngelicaDemonica is stretched between the neck collar and the waist strap that pulls her from below.  Her hands are chained to the collar behind her.  Her legs are pulled both wide and tight with ankle and thigh straps.  She’s almost completely immobilized… but with a burning blue laser focused just above her most sensitive spot, she better find a way to keep moving if she doesn’t want to be burned!

Hung In Black Boots – AngelicaDemonica_01 – $10


Visegrip has a real challenge on his hands this time. His latest victim is far more clever and resourceful than any he’s encountered in the past. He has her cuffed and standing in the noose, seemingly without hope. But she’s part contortionist and escape artist, not to mention fighter. When the villain carelessly turns his back for a second, she pulls a Houdini, and he finds himself facing his victim’s fury for a change.

But Visegrip is not without his own martial skills and treachery.  After an intense battle she’s back in the noose again, and pulled aloft to fight a losing battle with her doom.  She even tries to get a foothold on the tree she swings from, but it’s fruitless.

The hanging is a bit shorter than we’d have liked due to problems she had with suspension, hence the discount.  But while she’s up there, those black boots kicking in the air are an incredible sight.

Contains outdoor suspension hanging, seen from three views, full nudity, martial arts, weapons, oil, contortionism, escape artistry, and loads of female attitude!

Tiptoe Hanging – Selena Skyy_04 – $10


The squirmy one does the tiptoe dance!

Standing on the slippery bucket, her flexible arms chained high to her neck, she’s pulled up onto her toes and left standing there.  She gasps for air in her squeaky voice.   She squirms and twists to get free, to no avail, and when her legs can’t hold her up anymore she finally succumbs.

Vulnerable, Whipped And Choked – Selena Skyy_03 – $5


No position beats this. Hands chained to her neck behind her, the collar holding her neck to the wall, and her legs pulled straight up and wide. Then slathered in oil and given a good stiff whipping!

Choking And Burning – Selena Skyy_02 – $10


Selena Skyy starts off with her too-fine butt being lasered, and her having to squirm it back and forth constantly to keep from getting burned. But with the collar pulling her neck every time she does, not to mention her hands chained right up to that collar, she makes a lot of squeaky choking sounds as she does so.

After three good views of that, she’s flipped over and given the same treatment face up, with her tits lasered while her legs are pulled far and wide. Over thirteen minutes of squirming and gasping action!

Psycho Chick Hangs – Selena Skyy_01 – $20


This creepy little stalker wants to be Visegrip’s competition.  But she’s up against the best.

Caught and trapped in the noose, she challenges Visegrip’s body count with her own.  She dares him to make her admit her fear, and Vise-Grip takes the challenge.  It’s an intense psychological face off… but the rope makes a handy tiebreaker.

Pulled aloft, her sweet face and squirmy little body put on a show like nothing ever seen.  Strong and flexible, her legs swing high and wide.  Of course Visegrip has to spend a moment or two groping her as she fights, and lift her for one last chance to plead for her life, and then it’s back to swinging by the rope for the final time.

The angle on the bottom view especially was perfect.  Take it from someone who’s seen them all.  There isn’t currently a hotter hanging video on the planet!

Strangled In A Creepy Van – Alisha_05 – $8


Alisha is a cheerleader who does a little streetwalking on the side.  Unfortunately she gets picked up by Visegrip in his creepy van.  And this creepy van is the genuine article, with no windows, bed in the back, and full bondage accessories.  An offer of a little extra money is all it takes to get her to agree to the full creepy van bondage treatment.  But then it starts to get weird.  She’s gagged and blindfolded, oiled up and worked over good, and then the collar is pulled tight until breathing becomes a faraway memory.  Tied so tight she can barely move, and all she can do is squirm and thrash her oiled body until she expires.

Cheerleader Prostitute Sentenced, Hanged – Alisha_04 – $15



Alisha is a cheerleader for a pro sports team.  But cheerleaders don’t get paid nearly as well as you’d think, so to support her lifestyle some indiscretions become necessary.  That’s what gets her caught, and landed in the court of Judge Visegrip.

Intense courtroom drama ensues as bit by bit, her defense is dismantled by the prosecutor, who blames her for the scourge of sex trafficking.  When he recommends a penalty of death, the ultimate hanging judge is only too happy to oblige.  And to carry out the sentence himself before any chance of an appeal comes along.

This movie is a custom requested by someone who wanted to see the victim hung in a cheerleader outfit.  So if you ever wanted to see the same thing, here it is!

Tiptoe Hanging With Gopro Action – Alisha_03 – $8


All shown from multiple views, including first-person GoPro views!

Redhead Alisha is taken to the workshed.  There she’s gagged and her hands are cuffed to the back of her neck collar.  Then the cable from above is connected to the collar and the cranking begins.  She’s forced to step up onto a bucket, then her body is heavily slathered in oil.  See the hands reach out to oil and play with her like they’re your own!

Then the handle is cranked until she’s on her tiptoes, fighting to breathe.  When the air runs out and she expires, the hands return to smear the drool across her oiled breasts, and play with her dangling body for a good long time!

GoPro Hanging – Alisha_02 – $20


This POV camera is the best money I ever spent.  With this you can see the murder action right up close and personal, and with a hanging movie that can be all kinds of fun!

This video starts in the workshed with Alisha noosed up.  First the rope is slowly cranked higher and higher until she’s forced to step up on the bucket.  Then she’s stripped and oiled down really good, with lots of attention given to her nips.  Watch her squirm as fingertips dig into her nips right up close!  Then she pleads with the killer to stop, and Visegrip takes that as his cue to kick the bucket from under her.

From there, the first three minutes is devoted to the first-person view, as the killer watches her kick and swing.  He moves in to grope and play with her as she dies, especially her tits.  He grabs her ankles, pulls her to the side and lets her swing.  And he lifts her for a short breather before letting her die.  When she dies, he gives his deceased hanging plaything a lot more hands-on attention.  Then all the same action is shown from two different views.  Overall there’s 14 minutes of watching her dangle in the noose!

Hellfire Hanging – Alisha_01 – $15


Slow, torturous hanging to death.  Alisha is suspended on the rack by her hands and feet.  She’s also wearing a neck collar and waist belt.  A rope runs from the belt, over the top bar, back down to the collar, fully adjustable for tightness.

Visegrip gradually pulls the rope tighter until she can’t hold herself high enough anymore.  From there it’s a slow, torturous battle with asphyxiation until she expires.  It’s especially fun hearing her try to scream with the Total Silencer Gag (invented by Visegrip himself) strapped around her face.  When the struggle ends, Visegrip gives plenty of attention to her oiled, ample bosom, especially her nips.

Shown from three views.  In the first she’s burning in hell as she dies.  The second is a close-up top view.  The third is first-person close-up GoPro murder action!  Not a whole lot of plot but guaranteed to entertain!

Recaptured And Punished – Amber_07 – $8


ViseGrip likes a recreational good time with a ho as much as anyone, so he’s out trolling for one. It’s not like he’s intending to murder her or anythiing, I mean, who ever does? After a few close calls with some hags, who should he find but Amber! Yes, Amber, who escaped his clutches, and then traumatized by her experiences, lost her job at the library, turned to drugs, and then to feed her drug habits, turned to prostitution.

She can’t quite place him at first. But everything’s going fine until a dispute develops over price. She wants sixty bucks, I mean how nuts is that? The going price has been forty ever since the days of Gary Ridgeway, and ViseGrip ain’t gonna budge! Well, that all ends with a gun being whipped out, Amber stuffed in the back, and being taken back to the trailer park lair.

Then, it’s time to punish her like only ViseGrip can. Welcome home, Amber! And be sure to catch the outtake at the end where she remarks on how much lasers really hurt.

Hung By The Fire With Care – Amber_05 – $20


With her goddess-like body, her breasts that point to the sky completely unenhanced, and her trademark nerdy glasses, Amber is back to hang again!

But Vise-Grip likes a little variety in his executions.  Having rescusitated her from her last encounter with the noose, he’s going to get some more use out of her before getting rid of her for good.  This time he hangs her at night, illuminated by the light of a bonfire.  The red glow of the fire reflecting off of her oiled skin as she kicks and spins in the air is a sight to behold.

Full suspension and full nakedness, as always, and seven minutes of midair dance.  Don’t miss this one!

Tied Choking Herself – Amber_03 – $6


Amber just is not getting a break today. Not only are her hands bound behind her, they’re chained to the collar around her neck, forcing her to choke herself. Her body is slathered in oil and her ankles are tied crossed, the perfect position for squeezing oneself inside of her legs and taking advantage of her predicament. And while she’s contending with all of this, she’s being menaced with a sword too. All in preparation for the hanging yet to come…

Beyond Vulnerable – Amber_04 – $6


The beautiful girl-next-door is being taken full advantage of as she awaits her doom. She’s tied to the bed in a position that offers no illusion of control or resistance. Her hands are chained to the wall, and her ankles pulled wide and straight up to the ceiling. Her luscious breasts are oiled, her body squirming and bouncing, and it’s like she’s telling you to just climb aboard, there won’t be any meaningful objections here. But a good stiff breast flogging is still in order anyways.

Features bondage, whipping, oil, full nudity

Heinous Laser Torture – Amber_02 – $5


Amber is tied spread-eagle to a weight rack. A collar tied above her lifts on her neck. And she’s being tortured in ways that only the supremely twisted Visegrip could imagine – with powerful burning lasers! Shining brightly on her breasts and every other part of her, the burning sensation makes her yelp and thrash to escape, to the utter delight of her tormentor.

Amber Must Hang – Amber_01 – $15


The murdering villain Vise-Grip has poor Amber standing in a noose. While she tries to fight, he strips off her clothes and oils her body up. Then, when she has the nerve to mock him, he pulls her into the air to die. She swings, spins, kicks and fights for two minutes before expiring.

Features a spectacular outdoor hanging, with full suspension and full nudity. Seen start to finish from three views.


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