Asphyx Danger!

This video demonstrates how you will die if you play with nooses.  It details the specific, little-known danger that keeps killing teenagers and rock stars who play with nooses, and if you think you are immune because you’re too smart for this to happen, you are about to learn differently.  This video is made to be shown to at-risk individuals of any age, so if you know anyone you’re worried about feel free to share the Youtube link.

Where asphyxiation hazards are concerned, this is far from the only one as well.  If you’ve become intrigued with our nitrogen videos, DO NOT TRY THAT AT HOME.  Using nitrogen on yourself will kill you.  If you use it on another, you will likely kill them.  If you allow another to use it on you, you are trusting an inexperienced person to A) Know the rules, which very few people actually know, and B) Not be willing to break the rules in the slightest, because they mistakenly think they are smarter than the danger, and also because you are unconscious and they figure you won’t know anyhow.

While editing may make it appear otherwise, strict time limits are used in these videos.  The limit for exposure to nitrogen beyond the onset of effects is ten seconds.  If you believe that a minute or two minutes is a safe limit because that’s what you saw on television, understand these things.

  1.  You know nothing.
  2. Getting it wrong is fatal, usually the first time.
  3. The person who pays for your stupidity usually isn’t you, it’s the person you’re supposed to be looking out for.

Asphyxiation hazards are a hundred times more insidious than people believe.  Cross the wrong threshold, which you won’t see coming, and the world is never the same again.  The way to avoid crossing these thresholds is very simple: Never go anywhere close to them.  And if your vast pool of accumulated knowledge comes from television, don’t even look in that direction, because television gets everything wrong.

Darwin doesn’t play for best two out of three.  The only dice he can’t get you with are the ones you don’t roll.