Model for us!

Are you female, 18 to 30, trim and fit?  Are you ready to get naked and make some money?  Are you ready to abandon any and all claim to having any standards?  Then you have come to the right place!

Look around the site and see what you’re getting into.  Our movies are in the BDSM and asphyx categories.  You have to be fit and attractive, I’m all for body positivity but my customers aren’t.  Experience is not essential, but is helpful, and professionalism is expected from all.  You need to be able to be on time and work under direction.  Cancellations are acceptable with whatever notice you can give, but if you flake you won’t be considered again.

There is no sex involved in the shoots, on or off camera, and you will not be given any form of propositions or Weinstein treatment whatsoever.  Should there happen to be moments during the shoot when you pass out, then after the shoot we will review the footage so you can be assured.  If desired you can audio record the entire shoot on your own phone.  But that said, we are making adult content here and there is contact involved, of the groping and manhandling variety, and everybody gets oiled up too, so plan accordingly.

While some of my movie descriptions talk about me getting out of line during a shoot, that is all scripted to drive sales, it doesn’t really happen. Rules of consent are always followed and safe-signals always responded to immediately.

Pay is dependent on what you’re willing and able to do.  The more extreme the movie, the better it pays.    I pay by the movie and it typically works out better for you than an hourly rate.  We have “fake” and “quasi-real” categories.  Simulated choking/hanging movies pay the normal rates, and there are typically 3-4 movies done in one shoot.  A typical shoot in that category pays around $500.

If you are actually into and comfortable with breath play, movies with more real content pay better and a shoot will more likely be $1000 or better depending on how many movies you do.

Safety is the top priority.  There will be careful discussion of what you are able and willing to do, and all details will be agreed and consented to.  Choking periods will be for agreed-upon numbers of seconds, starting small and slowly increasing according to what you can handle.

The “hanging” movies are the top sellers on this site. The “real” hangings are done with the weight mitigated, such as by attaching your hands to the collar to take weight off your neck and make it bearable for short periods. A normal suspension period is ten seconds, which has proven to be manageable by all models to date, while giving us a usable shot. There are typically about ten suspension periods per scene.  One of these movies pays $500.  While you can do several of these movies if you want, they’re a little strenuous so we typically only do one in a day and give you time to recuperate for the next one.  Here’s a sample cutscene showing how hanging movies are filmed:


To do movies of this sort you have to be in perfect health with no history of high blood pressure or other risk factor for stroke.  Choking causes blood pressure to build up in the head so no risk factors are acceptable.  There is also an age cap of about 28 years old depending on your health, as even people in their late twenties and early thirties occasionally have stroke risk factors.  The risk might be miniscule, but it’s a case where what we are doing isn’t important enough to warrant any such risk.  Should you believe you might have risk factors, there are alternatives we can do that don’t carry that risk, such as being gassed with nitrogen till you pass out, and there is always the fake choking category too.

Please DO NOT test yourself to see what you can handle without seeing the Asphyx Warning page on this site, and if you want to do any testing you can feel free to come by.  I can help you get educated about this and do your experimenting while making sure nothing bad happens, and if you want we can probably do a paid movie while we’re at it.

The agreement form you sign gives you the right to sell copies of your own movies privately, but not commercially, and keep the proceeds so you get an ongoing bonus.  That means you can sell to people you know, on Facebook, forums, etc, but not post commercially. You can tell followers about them on Onlyfans and such so they can buy privately.  To my knowledge I’m the only producer who does that.  So if you think my pay is on the low side, just keep in mind, YOU ARE GOING TO SELL MORE COPIES OF YOUR MOVIES THAN I AM!  If you’re a content maker now, you already have an army of simps who will buy these up at your command and you know it!

If you happen to sell your own content, we can work trades where we make two similar movies without upfront payment, and you own one and I own one, and yuou can sell yours commercially.  In the slightly longer run you make better money that way and you can sell your own movies forever.  If you want, the movies we make for your ownership can be listed on your own Model’s Page on my site with links to your sales account that are paid directly to you.  If you sell through a Gumroad account, or are willing to create one, I can post your movie to my customer list.

If you are traveling to work with me, I can host you for free at my place. You’ll have your own room, bathroom, and there will be NO hounding. If you stay a few days I’ll try to give you a couple thousand worth of work at least, and will help make sure you get to any other jobs you have lined up in the area.

So if any of this interests you, and you are in or passing through the Seattle/Tacoma area, CLICK HERE to email and get in touch!  Please send your experience, height/weight, and face and body photos or link to portfolio.  Nudity not necessary in the photos but appreciated.

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