If you are actually into and comfortable with breath play, movies with real content pay 1-1/2 to 2 times better.

Safety is the top priority.  There will be careful discussion of what you are able and willing to do, and all details will be agreed and consented to.  Choking periods will be for agreed-upon numbers of seconds, starting small and slowly increasing according to what you can handle.

To do movies of this sort you have to be in perfect health with no history of high blood pressure or any other risk factor for stroke.  Choking causes blood pressure to build up in the head so no risk factors are acceptable.  There is also an age cap of about 26 years old depending on your health, as even people in their late twenties and early thirties occasionally have stroke risk factors.  The risk might be miniscule, but it’s a case where what we are doing isn’t important enough to warrant any such risk.  There are alternatives we can do that don’t carry that risk, such as breathing nitrogen till you pass out, and there is always the fake category too.

Please DO NOT test yourself to see what you can handle without seeing the Asphyx Warning page on this site, and if you want to do any testing you can feel free to come by.  I can help you get educated about this and do your experimenting while making sure nothing bad happens, and if you want we can probably do a paid movie while we’re at it.


Here’s a sample cutscene showing how hanging movies are filmed.



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